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   Changzhou Donggan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
   Contact: Chen Renhua
   Phone: 13901507123  13861255658
   Address:Changzhou Zhenglutown
   Tel: 0519-88675141
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        Located in the old times Jiangnan land of plenty, in the image of integrity and probity East business, technological innovation and market reputation, has become China drying industry a bright pearl.
      Changzhou Donggan Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the Dungan domestic industry in the early development of professional drying equipment manufacturers, the factory covers an area of 27,000 square meters, construction area of 10,000 square meters. Fixed assets 8 million yuan. Professional processing equipment more than 100 Taiwan (sets). Production of various types of drying, granulation capability, dust, mixing and other equipment more than 2,000 Taiwan (sets), the production of varieties can be divided into more than 20 categories, nearly 200 varieties, in particular, have unique advantages in the planning, design .
      Oriental Enterprise "Donggan" brand products have become the brand of choice for domestic and foreign customers, sales network covering more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. And constantly exported to the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and other Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries. For the user to hold a thorough and responsible attitude strict selection Expand careful planning, detailed offer marketing strategies, and with the users of common argument, repeated sample, positive measures careful accounting. Upon selection, lifetime warranty.
      Asians always unremitting efforts, willing to work with colleagues at home and abroad to grasp the future, create brilliant.
      Asians in both the early strength of the persons engaged in drying industry, there are also long-term commitment to science and technology research personnel at home and abroad equipment dry. Director of Mr. Chen Renhua from thirty years to join the drying industry, the development of the industry at home and abroad drying trend has timely insights, often published in the relevant Authority of Education.
      Every employee through the pursuit of quality, dedication to technological innovation, enterprise selfless dedication, East enterprises in the fierce competition in the market, has maintained a quality no accidents, no contract dispute good quality, so widely among users acclaimed.

Address:Changzhou City,Zhenglutown

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