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HZG Series Rotary drum dryers
HZG rotary drum dryer main body is slightly inclined and can adjustable cylinder speed within a certain range, the wet material from the feeder into the inner cylinder, the inner cylinder cloth copy board is turning, the material was dried evenly distributed inside with the dispersion and full contact with the hot air through the barrel (or counter-current) to speed up the drying heat and mass transfer. So as to achieve the purpose of drying. The device can be used in various forms of copy board to adapt to different materials, simple structure, reliable operation, maintenance.
HG Series (single drum · double drum) drum dryer drum scraper
Drum dryer is an internal heat conduction type of rotating continuous drying equipment. Rotatable drum through its lower chute, adhesion with a film thickness of the material, the heat through the pipeline to the drum wall, transmitted to the outer wall of the drum, and then transfer to the membrane material, so that the wet material film was evaporated off the wet, so moisture material points get dry.
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