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VHJ Series Mixer
Unique structure VHJ series mixing drum mixer, mixing high efficiency, no dead ends, the cylinder with the stainless steel, the inner and outer walls polished appearance, mixing, and versatile. This machine is for dry granular materials Industrial pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other mixed.
SZH Series Double Tapered Mixer
SZH Series double cone mixer vacuum conveying powder or granular material fed or artificial double cone container with the continuous rotation capacity complex material impact movement in the container, to achieve uniform mixing through. This machine is energy saving, easy operation, low labor intensity, high efficiency. This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and other industries powder mixing, granular material.
DSH Series Double Screw Cone Mixer
DSH Series Double Screw Cone Mixer is a new, efficient, high-precision mixing equipment, mixing widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, feed and other industries of various powder materials. The machine has a rotation motor and cycloid reducer to complete, using two screws asymmetric stirring, the contents were stirred range, fast mixing proportion of the poor, large mixed material mixing more suitable.
EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer
Dimensional mixer mainly consists of drum, swing frame rack three parts. Turn barreled swinging rack, supported by two of four wheel gear wheel axially positioned them in four support rollers, two-by-turn driving wheel drag power generation system allows the drum rotates, swing frame by a group of crank rocker mechanism driven crank swing link mechanism on the frame, the swing frame supported by a bearing assembly in the rack.
SYH series of three-dimensional motion mixer
SYH series of three-dimensional motion mixer because the mixing drum has multi-directional motion, it makes raw material inside the barrel cross-mixing points, high mixing effect, uniformity of up to 99.9%, the maximum load factor up to 0.9 (a conventional mixer 0.4 ~ 0.6), mixing time is short, high efficiency. The machine body design unique mixing barrel, barrel body wall after fine polishing, no dead ends, no pollution to raw material, convenient in discharge, easy in clean and so on.
WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer
WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer by the container, spiral mixing blades and transmission components; helical blades generally made double or triple the outer spiral pooled material from both sides to the central inner spiral from the center to the material both sides of the conveyor, the formation of convective mixing. The volume can be made circular, so that a jacket used in the reaction, and dried.
CH series channel mixer
CH series channel mixer for mixing powder or wet material, so that the main materials in different proportions mixed. The machine at the contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, with a small blade gap barrel body, no dead mixing, stirring shaft ends with a sealing device which can prevent the material spilled outside, use the button to move the hopper control, easy to discharge. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.
WZ series weightlessness mixer
WZ series weightlessness mixer with a strong, efficient mixing is characterized by a horizontal cylinder of two counter-rotating constant stirring, the special arrangement of the blades ensure that the material radial, circumferential, and axial directions to form a combined cycle in a very short time to achieve uniform mixing.
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