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  Production Line Design: We provide you with free technical support, on-site measurement, design, planning and CAD drawings and a series of pre-planning work. Once the plan was finalized, we will strictly follow the contract parameters and technical design drawings for construction of pre-planning, and listen to the views and recommendations of the demand side in the construction, in order to make reasonable changes to enable the project to achieve optimization. Construction is completed, after the period, we also provide technical support for lifelong training and equipment personnel. We have the perfect pre-sale service system. Strong technical support and quality products. The entire purchase process into a pleasant experience personal service is our business philosophy.
Site survey Design: We have professional and technical personnel, technical strength, you can provide on-site measurement, including field measurements, machine design, equipment placement, the size of the plant as well as various related auxiliary survey design, we rely on high technology, good reputation for you tailor the most suitable for your machine.
Device Update Service: As society increasingly fierce competition, the task aggravating situation has cropped up a lot of medium-sized enterprises can purchase early machines, equipment aging. My company can provide equipment and services to update your response to this situation, including specific update replacement replace the production line related equipment to update the configuration, the device some of the machines and the like. We sincerely believe that service that allows you to save more, so that your products to market faster and better, so that your business success even even one step ahead!
Services: Not only can we provide consulting product material itself, may also be provided outside of the company's products and machines with the company matching the Advisory material products, including the products and equipment, factory, and performance. We're glad you can call to consult, which would allow you to better understand the products, more convenient to use the product, we will provide you with sincere services to forever! !
Equipment Repair Service: Where in my company to buy the product, within one year free warranty, the warranty period, to provide life-long service, just collect the replaced parts cost. My company has a good after-sales service personnel, timely and efficient for your purchase of products for maintenance, so you can solve your worries for the future purchase.
Arrange transportation services: customers who buy our products, if it is far away from the company, the company is not convenient to pick up in person, we can provide the customer address, phone, contacts and other information to help you accurately and rapidly transported to the object ground. This charge d'affaires transport services faster, cheaper and safer.
Equipment and services: our machines and your existing production line can be matched, can also provide matching machines in our own production line. While Gold Partner support makes us more professional and higher technical gold content. Select the quick select =  professional and technical professional services! !

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