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Alcohol recovery tower
Alcohol recovery tower device using highly efficient ceramic packing. Distillation tower made of stainless steel to prevent clogging of the iron filler, and prolong the life of the device. The device will contact ethanol in the device such as condensor, surge tank, cooling snake pipe are made of stainless steel, to ensure that the finished product is not contaminated alcohol.
CG Series Forming Machine
Molding machine series can be divided into grooved molding machines, horizontal extruder, a roll granulator. Different types have different uses and performance advantages.
TJG fixed Lifting Feeder
TJG series stationary lifting feeding machine consists of two parts, namely, hoist and base. Hoist consists of frame, hydraulic lifting system and the charging door reversing mechanism. In operation, the first to enhance the charging door and drum fastening machine, start the lift operating bar, rising together with the material drum door, start flipping the lever, drum fan can turn 180 degrees was bottom bucket upward posture and movement to the desired position using the butterfly valve on the discharge door, can be easily added to the material required for process equipment.
Stainless steel tank, preparation tank
Stainless steel tank, tank preparation series of containers for the pharmaceutical industry, concentrated / dilute with use, the tank has a mezzanine, heated, cooled, the inner surface of the mirror-polished by electrolysis, head (cone) were confirmed by the spinning process, GMP standard stirred apparatus adopting sanitary mechanical seal, container or polyurethane insulation EPE interface is of international standard clamp quick, convenient health, Watanabe by spinning the outer surface is polished, sandblasting, scrub or cold-rolled matt colors and other forms.
ZSL-Ⅲ series of vacuum conveyors
On ZSL-Ⅲ series of vacuum conveyors is the latest development of the third generation of the new vacuum on the feeder, it has a feeding speed, with the long cycle, easy to operate, clean, in line with "GMP" requirements.
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