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JRF series coal-burning stove
JRF series coal-burning stove is a combustion and heat transfer as one of the high-temperature furnace to heat parts of the latest indirect heating technology, smoke and air prevails, absolutely non-polluting heating, high thermal efficiency (up to 60-75%), warming fast, small, easy to install, reliable, and low prices (compared to the heating system with one ton boiler boiler heating system is only about half the price).
RLY Series Oil
RLY Series Oil fuel through burner burning, produces high-temperature gas. And having means of heat transfer enhancement measures temperature gas stove heat conduction to the heated air, high temperature gas by the heat dissipation temperature was lowered to 250 ℃ back into the atmosphere. It is heated air through an optional blower strong into the stove, after heat from the hot air outlet temperature was raised Ratings sent.
GMF series of coal-fired hot stove
GMF series of high temperature coal-fired hot stove all mechanical chain grate coal-fired unit and heat exchanger can be hot plate, tube, heat exchanger tube, etc., having an output temperature is high, a large calorific value, high efficiency heat can be Preparation of 100 ~ 450 ℃ hot air cleaning, equipment, technical indicators have reached advanced domestic level.
SRQ series radiator
I produced the spiral finned air heat exchanger, also known as radiators, heat pipes, heat exchanger unit is cooling or heating medium hot and cold air in the main equipment. Radiator for hot-air heating, air conditioning, cooling, dehumidification and drying works for steam or hot water can be heated air by salt water or cold water to cool the air.
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