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ZS Series Vibrating Sieve
ZS Series Vibrating Sieve from the hopper, vibration chamber, coupling and motor. There are eccentric wheel, rubber software, spindle, bearings and other components. The adjustable eccentric weight can drive to the motor through the spindle center line, the centrifugal force generated in a state of imbalance, that makes raw material form vortex in the sieve. The amplitude of the weight adjuster can be adjusted according to different raw materials.
FS Series Square Vibrating Sieve
FS Series Square Vibrating Sieve, sieve is expected out of the screen box, vibration source and absorber composed of three parts. Frame and screen box connected with 4-6 soft rubber shock absorbers fixed up and down, the boot that centrifugal force is generated, the amplitude of an eccentric block, corresponding to the shock absorber control, the need to achieve the best performance, so that the material has a parabolic shock and screening process loose.
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