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XSG Spin flash dryer
XSG series rotary flash dryer is a tangent into the bottom of the hot air dryer, a powerful rotating wind field is formed in the driving of the stirrer. Paste material from the screw feeder into the dryer at high speed stirring blade intense action, the material by the impact, the role of friction and shearing force is dispersed, the bulk materials will soon be smashed full contact with the hot air, heat ,dry.
QG, JG, FG air dryer
Air dryer is drying large quantities of equipment, which uses instant drying principle, the use of fast-moving air heat carrier, led the wet material, wet material suspended in the hot air, so strengthen the whole drying process, improve the heat and mass transfer rate quality, after air drying of materials, almost all unbound water is removed, and the dried material, does not produce deterioration phenomenon, generally drier than the yield was significantly improved, the user can achieve in the short term high economic benefit.
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