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Comparative Analysis of MSG bacterial protein Drying Equipment

Datetime:2015-5-19 14:16:09   Hits:1206

  MSG bacterial protein drying drying technology is a hot topic of research, mainly due to its high viscosity and high humidity characteristic of the device used in many engineering practice, MSG bacterial protein domestic drying equipment mainly used are:

  1 tube bundle dryer

  2 high speed stirring dryer

  3 rotary flash dryer.

  From the dried product quality, the best high-speed stirring dryer, followed by rotary flash dryer and tube bundle dryer.

  Dried product from a cost point of view, the lowest-cost bundle dryer, followed by high-speed stirring dryer and rotary flash dryer

  Tube bundle dryer heat source for the steam dryer using other mechanical or hand grate fired stove burning stove.

  Tube bundle dryer system composition is simple, but the complex structure, maintenance points, high speed stirring dryers and spin flash dryer structure is simple, relatively easy to repair and maintenance.

  Although the characteristics of tube bundle dryer is high efficiency, but because MSG bacterial protein is a high viscosity material, while the tube bundle dryer is difficult to handle highly viscous materials, but to use back-mixing process, a lot of dry material in wet material is mixed in, to reduce the viscosity of the material, thus resulting in a dried MSG bacterial protein, the use of tube bundle drying efficiency but relatively low capacity to the water when the treatment is generally reduced to the material 4-5kg water /M2.h 3-3.5kg water /M2.h.

  So now manufacturers generally MSG bacterial protein in the selection of drying equipment, it is already a less preferred bundle dryer. Tube bundle dryer is mainly applied to the germ, fiber, dried distillers grains and other materials.

  Spin flash dryer must be specifically designed for the MSG bacterial protein, not general use, general use rotary flash dryer need for MSG bacterial protein as a corresponding improvement, otherwise the drying effect is not good.

  High speed stirring dryer is our self-developed new drying equipment, mainly for high viscosity and high humidity drying materials, China's first MSG bacterial protein dryer is the use of high-speed stirring dryer. This device dry high product quality, structure simple, easy repair and maintenance.

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