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Drying equipment Why compete with multinational corporations?

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  With the changes in market demand, the domestic drying equipment industry competition pattern was broken, from the original manufacturer to develop several dozens of manufacturers, and the level of product technology has developed rapidly, compared with foreign products, the growing gap small, China's development and progress of drying equipment industry, are highly valued in the world with the industry.
  Low carbon environmental protection storm swept Drying Equipment
  It is understood that the total energy consumption of China's total industrial drying energy consumption ratio is almost 1 times higher than the UK, the future of the enterprise should be further pursued energy-saving technology upgrades.
  At present, with the needs of social progress and development, machinery and equipment industry is also in transition from traditional industries to energy saving and environmental protection industries. According to changes in market demand, drying equipment should be constantly upgrading, a new selection of machinery and equipment to achieve energy saving.
  Drying equipment Why compete with multinational corporations?
  To achieve energy saving and environmental development strategies need to rely on the development of resource-saving way, a single extensive research and development has become a combination of drying equipment, intelligent. Not only carry out a thorough transformation from the process, but also to conduct a comprehensive energy-saving technological transformation, develop application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology.
  In the fierce competition in the market, drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should not hesitate to increase the investment in equipment and technology, play the green card, high-quality environmentally friendly products lead the industry, the implementation of energy saving.
  Local drying equipment companies how to compete with multinational companies?
  In recent years, sales and exports of China has been drying equipment at a faster pace, but the production drying equipment business profitability is not optimistic. Due to the large number of drying equipment companies, blind expansion of production capacity but failed to get control status.
  Thus, the formation of a low value-added production processes in the vicious competitive market structure. Faced with such a powerful offensive of capital, the troubled domestic drying equipment companies acquired almost a foregone conclusion.
  Domestic drying equipment companies in trouble as drying equipment industry has been coveted Chinese multinational companies provides an opportunity to expand, due to the higher cost of domestic drying equipment, multinational companies have been unable to achieve a breakthrough in China's drying equipment market.
  When present, drying equipment industry boom cycle in the bottom of the lower cost of acquisition, is more conducive to foreign investment drying equipment company, with its capital advantage on the domestic drying equipment acquisition and integration of companies, multinational companies to acquire both domestic drying equipment prevent other drying equipment business challenge to its leading position, but also pay close attention to the resources China drying equipment market.
  It can be inferred, multinational has an absolute advantage in product innovation, quality, reliability and after-sales service and so on, and gradually expand its industrial layout will deepen competition in the industry, the market will be further concentrated to a large drying equipment enterprises, and showing the strong get stronger and the weak weaker trend.
  Three-step drying equipment industry development and growth
Policy support future drying equipment made available to the relatively weak domestic drying equipment companies need to rely more on its own strength to compete with multinational companies.
  To increase business innovation: Businesses should vigorously promote drying equipment original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation capacity, promote the development of products with independent intellectual property rights. Increase innovation, and make breakthroughs common key technologies to enhance the independent innovation capability as the strategic basis for the development of science and technology, as the adjustment of industrial structure, change the growth mode of the central link.
  Take the resource-saving development path: To take a resource-saving way of development, to conduct a comprehensive, multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, develop application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology. To implement the drying efficiency and green development strategy, first go resource saving path of development, become a single extensive drying combination, intelligent drying. Not only from the drying process of fundamental transformation, but also to conduct a comprehensive, multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, develop application of renewable energy and work amateur hot drying technology.
  Colleges, enterprises and learn advanced technology: It should be in the direction of technology, enhance research automation, manufacturing processes and materials design and other material aspects of the learning of foreign advanced technology, combined with a variety of forms to make business directly with these universities and research institutes, let enterprises have become the mainstay of technological innovation, the drying equipment industry bigger and stronger, and strive in the international arena also occupies an important position. (Editor: China Drying Equipment Network)
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