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Ultra-fine powder dryer will replace the spin flash dryer

Datetime:2015-10-26 14:24:01   Hits:1151
  Northeastern University, Shenyang through a start-up companies successfully developed ultra-fine powder dryer professional for ultra-fine and nano-scale particle size, etc., there are strict requirements of the dry material, is drying, crushing and grading multifunctional dryer It has been successfully applied to superfine zirconium oxide, calcium carbonate, nano-aluminum hydroxide, micronized aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles and other materials dry. For material having a second reunion in terms of ultra-fine powder dryer is an alternative device spin flash dryer. The basic principle of ultra-fine powder dryer is super high-speed blender crushing capacity, and a classifier for granular control of materials and secondary reunite again crushing effect, the rotating airflow and material particles have a huge relative movement, thereby strengthening the principle of heat and mass transfer to complete drying of the material. Its unique advantage is the high-speed crusher and top grade adjustable bottom installation, you can easily control the particle size of the product; its structure is more advanced, repair and maintenance more convenient. Ultra-fine powder so that the dryer has a stronger crushing and dispersing ability, very suitable for drying ultrafine materials. For bulk or sticky materials can not use ultra-fine powder dryer, flash dryer and not particularly a secondary agglomeration of materials. Ultra-fine powder dryer is applied to these materials better. Through the transformation of the rotor structure and control of the drying air flow, nano-ultra-fine powder dryer can be applied to dried organic materials such as nitrile rubber or the like. Ultra-fine powder dryer has been successfully applied to calcium carbonate, dried ATH, micronized aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles and other materials. As the nano-materials in humid conditions, strong surface binding force so great sticky material, resulting material clumping, poor mobility, transportation difficulties, for drying difficult. During the drying process, the binding material cause agglomeration, affect product performance. Therefore, the drying process should be to prevent material bridging, on aggregate materials effectively broken. Furthermore, nano-materials generally contain modifier, either organic or inorganic, are heat decomposition. Therefore, the nano material drying heat-sensitive materials to be considered. Ultra-fine powder dryer It can adapt to the characteristics of nanomaterials drying, very good drying effect.
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