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The economic value of the sludge after drying

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  The economic value of the sludge after drying as the name suggests, the sludge dryer is used to dry the sludge, but in addition to drying the sludge, the sludge dryer can be used for the coal industry, slime, coal, flotation fine drying coal, mixed coal, construction industry, blast furnace slag, clay, limestone, sand, quartz stone, mineral processing industry a variety of metal concentrates, waste, tailings and other materials. Why just dried sludge? After sludge drying sludge drying machine can be after what use is it? This is a lot of people have mentioned the problem. Here and tell you about the economic value of the sludge after drying.

1, incineration

  After the sludge after drying, the heat value of about 1300-1500 kcal, three tons of dry sludge after 4500 kcal equivalent to one tonne of coal, can be incorporated in a coal-fired combustion in the boiler, a ton of dry sludge to produce one ton steam. Dried sludge and coal blending ratio of 100-200 kg per ton of sludge added.

2, mud brick

  You can add in clay brick, mass ratio of 1:10, the intensity is quite ordinary brick, and has a certain amount of heat in the process of firing the brick, pyrophoric, increase the heat.

3, biochemical system Fibreboard

  Under alkaline conditions, heating, drying, pressing after a series of physical and chemical changes (denaturation globulin), this activated sludge formed denaturation resin (fibrin glue), so that the fibers bond together, pressed sheet.

4, cement admixture.

5, landfill composting

  Since the sanitary landfill management in place, prone to secondary pollution, and the country has developed standards and technology policies sanitary landfill, printing and dyeing sludge mixed landfill moisture content of less than 60% provision, transverse shear greater than 25KN / square meters. In fact, the dewatered cake moisture content of greater than 80%, direct landfill approach has been limited by current legislation does not allow direct landfill, countries in this regard has been stepped up enforcement. Composting the organic sludge containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it is essential for the growth of crops fertilizer ingredients. Activated sludge organic ingredients crude protein or globulin is a good soil conditioner, stable nature of the sludge can be used as fertilizer, has a value of agricultural use. But up to now, printing and dyeing sludge composting society still can not accept, do not get promoted.

Sludge dryer can be widely used in sludge drying sewage sludge drying, sludge drying petrochemical, paper sludge drying, sludge drying dyeing, tannery sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, bio-fermentation bacteria slag sludge and other various bad slag and other high humidity drying materials. Sludge dryer can be one-time 90% of the water content of dried material to finished product. For sludge drying process easy to knot the unity block characteristics, changing the structure of the general single-channel plate dryer, using a modular self-cleaning device, which greatly expanded the single-channel dryer range of applications, not only can each dried class sludge can also be used for drying various high-viscosity materials. 


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