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You should know the essentials of a spray dryer

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  It comprises three stages essentials spray drier, a spray drier or a fine spray of any liquid droplets in the atomization process of the feed, spraying the suspension and contact with a hot gas stream by allowing evaporation of the liquid and dried solid was removed in a similar shape and size of the atomized droplets. Finally, the gas flow through the dry substance is classified and collected. Omitting the drying gas is now considered as meeting environmental requirements, after the launch in the air is, or it can be redistributed within the system.

  Key options atomized form

  You can use various types of spray, including centrifugal, sonic spray nozzles and air.

  The particle size distribution in the medium is almost constant, at any given method was used for atomization. Roof medium itself may be small as from 15 to 250 microns range as possible, but it depends greatly on that has been transmitted to the amount of energy of the liquid. In addition, the quality of the flow, the solids content, viscosity and surface tension, have a direct influence on the particle size, but not the extent of the circumference of the wheel speed. Therefore, the size of the increase in the feed rate may also increase the particles, but using a variable speed centrifugal atomizer, it can easily correct size has been specified.

  Another common type of spray atomization nozzle hydraulic pressure. Here, the fluid is pressurized by a pump, and then forced through a hole, to divide the fine droplets of the liquid. Within scope, range of pore size of from about 0.5 to 3 millimeters. As a result, a simple definition of a nozzle of about 700 kg / h of total feed, which is dependent on the solids content of the viscosity, the pressure, and the limited size of the aperture of the order.

  Drop all query results through the orifice in the smaller droplets and reduce the size of the increase for any given feed stream of particles of pressure, a smaller nozzle holes need to be replaced. This also requires more pressure from the pump, in order to obtain the correct quantity, flow through the injector. Some large-scale systems can have up to 50 nozzles, thereby making it difficult to control the size of particles.

  The third method is mainly used for small-scale spray dryer system is the two-fluid pneumatic atomization. Where the atomization achieved by the first and second fluids are often created in the interaction of a compressed air environment. In this case, both the pressure of the air, did not require the liquid is very high. Perhaps, in a typical range of 200-350 kPa, can get the job done. The size of the particles is controlled by varying the ratio of the overall flow of the liquid stream of compressed air.

  This type of atomizing A great benefit can be attributed to a reduced level of fluid velocity leaving the nozzle, which leads to the path of flight, it requires shorter drying times. Related to this, the process becomes a two-fluid nozzle suitable for use in laboratory and pilot scale equipment. 


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