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Professional choice hot air circulation oven

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  Choose professional equipment not only for the production of qualified products, won the profits, but also to ensure the safety of staff, for enterprises to expand the reputation, so to choose a professional hot air circulation oven. Hot air circulation oven range is very wide application, high thermal efficiency, can be dried in various industrial materials, automatic temperature control, is a common drying equipment, oven smooth operation, uniform drying, is ideal for general-purpose drying equipment, so select a professional hot air circulation oven.

  Hot air circulating oven air circulation mode using the fan, because no matter what the structure of the oven, horizontal or vertical direction, in the final analysis, the hot air inside the loop, uniform and efficient air circulation. Wind source is circulating air motor driven by the wind wheel heater, make sure the indoor temperature uniformity, but will send hot air, and then through the air duct to the oven chamber, when the door switch operation caused by temperature swings occur, the air circulation system quickly restored, and then use the air intake duct after becoming re-circulating air source heating use. So to choose a professional hot air circulation oven.

  Hot air circulation oven use and maintenance is also very important, when power use, should not be touched by hand electrical box left space topical or rinsing, wiping with a damp cloth and water, and place items inside Never too crowded, it is necessary to leave the natural atmosphere convection space, so moist atmosphere can escape in the wind on top of deceleration. Using this instrument shall have the person served, ending the use of the equipment should be cut off external power supply, eliminating unexpected accident attack. Do not casually disassembly another (the Department) of electrical components and equipment, so that the protection of the electrical control circuit to form a human illnesses equipment and affect its function.

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