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RL series melt granulator
RL granulator is the use of the material properties of a melting point below 250 deg.] C, according to the scope of viscosity in the molten state, by means of special fabric was uniformly melted at constant speed below the strip, the strip provided below under continuous spray cooling device, so that the material transport, shift operation process has been cooled and solidified, the packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation molding.
FL FG series vertical boiling granulating dryer
FL FG series vertical boiling granulating dryer principle is material powder particles in the material container (fluidized bed) in the annular fluidized state, after purification by heated air preheating and mixing the binder solution fog of injected, making some particles into aggregates containing a binder, since the hot air drying of materials continue to make pellets in the water evaporates, the adhesive sets, this process is repeated continuously, form an ideal, even more micro Kong spherical particles.
GHL series high speed mixing granulator
GHL series high speed mixing granulator is a powder material and a binder in the cylindrical vessel from the bottom of the slurry was mixed thoroughly mixed into the moist soft material and then cut by the side of the high-speed smash paddle uniformly wet granules.
XLB series rotary granulator
ZLB-type rotary granulator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, solid drink industry, the stirred materials to the required particle, especially suitable for high viscosity materials. Where the machine parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, granulation forming rate, particle appearance, automatic material, avoiding artificial particles of a material damage caused, and is suitable for assembly line.
KZL Series Quick Whole (grinding) machines
KZL Series Quick Whole (crushed) is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, to good effect. The machine has a reasonable design of the filter, the lever can be pulverized chunks of brittle materials, and in accordance with the principle of centrifugal force, with a special filter hole, careful screening, dedicated friction lever can filter crushing sieve sturdy particles while grinding chunks of polymers.
YK Series Swing Granules
YK Series Swing Granules is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries in the manufacturing of a variety of particles, after drying for repression of the molded article, the aircraft can be used for crushing condensed into the dry bulk material. Material contact points are made of stainless steel, elegant appearance, easy to clean, simple operation, low power consumption advantages.
GZL series dry granulator Rolling
Extrusion granulation is a relatively new dry granulation process for the production of compound fertilizer. In the field of extrusion granulation fertilizer granulated potassium chloride was first used for blended fertilizers (BB fertilizer) required granular (1-4mm) potassium chloride basically extrusion production. In recent years, extrusion granulation for the production of compound fertilizer in China has been rapid development.
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